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ILS Software 



GELİŞİMPARK's Logistica ILS software offers a powerful combination of asset configuration, asset management, product lifecycle management and technical documentation tools. Throw in our integrated online learning system, and you have all the tools you need to improve efficiency within your business and know the known state of any of your products, at any point in time.

With Logistica, you will be able to seamlessly flow product engineering data from the design and configuration stages, through to production and maintenance.

Teams or departments will no longer need to double or triple handle information in separate systems and content can be re-used for any purpose and in any required format and style.  Such integration means information used out in the field, during maintenance or in training is consistent and, if changed, is all changed at the same time.

We are developing ILS software tools  to present a complete logistics solution, from building product structure, applying Logistic Support Analysis, building Logistics Data and Maintaining existing Databases to providing Reports

  • Project Management                         

  • Integrated Logistics Support           

  • Product Structure Tree                     

  • Maintenance Concept                      

  • Lifecycle Management                     

  • Configuration Management

  • Materials Management

  • Logistic Support Analysis

  • Product Data Management

  • NATO Inventory Number

  • Technical Documentation

Integrated Logistics Support for Shipbuilders & Shipyards
  • Shipbuilders rely on accurate data in the design, build and maintenance of their ships.

  • Whether you're developing maintenance schedules, configuring new ships or producing documentation, up-to-date information is critical.  Yet many shipbuilders are depending on out-dated, manual methods for utilizing and storing their data - from multiple spreadsheets, to un-controlled Word documents and time-consuming design files. 

  • With such data forming the foundation of any shipbuilding company, shipbuilders are realizing the importance of intelligent, integrated content systems, that can re-use and leverage data, saving vast amounts of time and money.

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