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New Generation Maintenance System


You need powerful Maintenance Management System (MMS) software to manage your maintenance operations. Your employees need to easily learn and use the system to create, print and complete work orders even when they are on the road (web based software).



With GelisimPark MMS software AVADAN you'll be in control of your assets, you'll manage your team, inventory and purchases, and have access to statistics, performances and cost indicators.


AVADAN is designed as an important tool to serve these goals

• To perform Preventive Maintenance,

• Systematic and effective planning,

• Carrying out this plan efficiently,

• Keeping cost information regarding to the maintenance,

• Increase the security of communication systems and units

The result of more than 15 years of research and development in the  Maintenance Management System  world, AVADAN is Maintenance Software designed for Internet Use (Web based) and is currently the most user-friendly, most advanced solution for Computerized Asset Management / Maintenance Management.


Built on the basis of JAVA and Oracle™ technology, GELİŞİMPARK has developed an innovative Technological Core that provides unmatched, state-of-the-art performance in managing and accessing information for:


Features Of AVADAN

• Preventive  Maintenance

• Breakdown Maintenance

• Conditional Maintenance

• Predictive   Maintenance



1. Systematic and effective Planning

2. Effective Application of Maintenance Plans

3. Acqusition & Monitoring of all detailed cost items related to Maintenance Activities

4. To collect, identify and classify the modes of Errors causing Malfunctioning of Machine Tools  and Equipment which may directly effect the Manufacturing Quality

5. To Monitor and Develop the Reliabilty of Manufacturing systems and facilities,

6. To realize the Preventive Maintenance

7. To constitude the infra-structure for application of TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)

> With MMS, in less than one year you will achieve:

> 15% to 20% increase in  maintenance staff productivity

> 15% to 25% reduction of unscheduled breakdowns

> 20% to 40% reduction in overtime

> 15% to 35% reduction on parts replacement costs

> Almost 35% reduction of your replacements parts inventory

> 15% to 30% reduction in service calls

> Up to 50% increase of your equipment’s residual value or useful life span.

















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