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Energy Operations and Maintenance Management

Preventive and Predective Maintenance  activities of Power Plants;


Within our Design, Adaptation and Development of Maintenance Management Software (MMS) capability , we provide the execution of Maintenance Activities according to Maintenance Schedules.

  • Process Designs

  • MMS Software 

  • Maintenance Infrastructure Activities

  • User Training

  • MMS Training Curriculum

  • Consultancy services

  • Operational support

Our software is designed as an essential tool to serve this purpose:

  •  Implementation of Preventive Maintenance to realize, systematic and effective planning,

  • Collection of maintenance cost

  • Increasing the reliability of communication systems and units

As a result of the establishment and operation of MMS, in your group's power plants:

  • In Unplanned Stops           20% reduction

  • In Material Expenses         20% reduction

  • In Stock                             18% reduction is targeted.

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