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Performance Based Logistics

  • Our General Approach to PBL


By making long-term and separate logistics contracts (agreements), instead of providing the maintenance, training, data, documents and spare parts within the scope of classical procurement;

To supply the determined Performance Criteria (reliability, operational readiness, cost, logistics trace, logistics time, etc.) with the most appropriate public-private sector cooperation.​​

  • Performance Based Logistics Software


In the PBL software, there will exist PBL application management modules such as Maintenance Management, ILS Document Management, Initial Safety Stock Determination, Maintenance Planning, Configuration Management, and Inventory Items. Additionally, add-on modules will be developed to manage the Project and Obsolete Management Processes.​

  • Integration of Logistics Disciplines

Maintenance, spare parts, technical documentation, special test and measurement tools, software, hardware, personnel, training, infrastructure, packaging-handling-transportation, configuration

  • Obsolete Management

Proactive approach, awareness, preparation, design, evaluation, analysis, implementation

  • Maintenance Management

Improvement in cost-effectiveness, flexibility, speed, technical and logistical times.

Our PDL Service Scope and Advantages

Maintenance Project in PDL

  • It is designed as a concrete step within the scope of PDL.

  • It will be more effective and efficient with the maintenance of complex systems and the implementation of private sector practices.

  • A fast and elastic maintenance system will be gained.

Maintenance Support-Our Capabilities


  • Collecting and analyzing the data of the Applied Device and Material information, and presenting Decision Support information for future Maintenance and Repairs,

  • Gathering and analyzing the data of the Failure and Repair activities, keeping the breakdown statistics, assisting the decision support decision of Modification and Disposal,

  • Monitoring and reporting of changes within the framework of Configuration and Maintenance activities,

  • Maintenance and Repair activities and possible Modification and Configuration changes are the document changes.

GelisimPark in the role of Product Support Integrator;

  • Providing consultancy services during the design phase of the proposed building,

  • Contract preparation,

  • The operation of the Supply processes within the scope of Maintenance and Maintenance,

  • Preparation of database,

  • Creation of Information System and adaptation and integration of related Software (Maintenance Management, Stock, Purchasing, Accounting,..)

  • Ready to serve as a Support Provider with its competent human resources, experience and knowledge in analysis and decision support.

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