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Integrated Logistics Support

Technical features of Integrated Logistics Support and Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) documents, software and application services


GELİŞİMPARK performs the following for the systems and sub systems that enter/will enter Turkish Army’s inventory:

  • Implementation of “Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)“ systems,

  • Providing Logistics Support elements & Life Cycle Cost Analysis and developing of the relevant softwares,

  • Preparation of the User’s Manuals and Educational Materials for the system/sub system within the scope of the ILS by an experienced team.

The Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) software developed by GelişimPark comprises of “materials and systems” phases during the entire life cycle of ships that are in construction on any military project, until it is removed from inventory.


ILS system ensures that the activities performed in each phases are computerized, minimizing paper use, as well as transmitting information securely, according to the principles determined in relation to each other.


The ILS software and solutions for each new project include the preparation and documentation of Logistics Support Analysis (LSA), Maintenance Planning (Planned Maintenance and Preparation of Technical Documents), Breakdown Diagnosis and Functions which can be monitored by mobile devices on board.

GelişimPark Consultancy

•  ILS Consultancy

       Product Support and Technology Consulting

       Design, Development and Integration of ILS

•  Implementation (Installation and Localization)

       Material and Spare Parts Management

•  Education

•  Software customization

       ILS software tailoring for your company’s requirements and integration 

•  Guarantee

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