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SCADA and (Performance Monitoring System) MEGAPOWER

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  • The informational and technological infrastructure required for monitoring thermal power plants’ performance based on equipments

  • Thus, data needed for improvements and maintenance procedures for increasing performance and revenues of plants are obtained.

  • The information coming from the sensors in the field is constantly monitored by the system, and the warning signals created can detect the malfunctions that may occur in advance. This simplifies the Predictive Maintenance application.

  • Evaluates the performance with the values and operational data 

  • It monitors the mechanical, hydraulic and thermodynamic parameters and shows their effects on the performance of the plant and where the performance degradation occurs.

  • With the use of the system, disruptions can be minimized and electricity consumption can be reduced significantly.


























MEGAPOWER Indicates Loss Causes with Impact-Solution Analysis
  • It monitors the performance of the plant with real-time graphics.


  • It compares the actual performance with the expected performance.


  • Before problems occur in the switchboard, it finds the source of the problems and gives a warning.


  • It shows the production costs and losses by measuring the performance of the plant online.



















System Components 

The System;

  • At the initial phase, the infrastructure for retrieving Plant DCS data through OPC and recording on a long-term (about 10 years) basis shall be built.

  • Any additional devices and equipment are required for the performance system shall installed on the plant and these signals shall be got in the system as well in parallel to DSC.

  • The performance measurement and potential reasons for loss shall be introduced by means of computations and algorithms for plant equipment.

  • Provides optimum cessation time for maintenance procedures.

  • Estimates instantaneous losses and future production costs.

  • Just monitors and evaluates data; independent of the protection system of the plant










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